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Submission  guidelines

  • Use the form provided to submit the details for your release. The minimum scan duration is 2 weeks, but for most releases we recommend an extended scan to enable ongoing removal of your content. Contact us to discuss scan duration requirements for your release.
  • You must be the copyright owner, publisher, or an authorised agent acting on behalf of the owner of the release to submit the form.
  • RipBlock scans are suitable for all formats and all media, and are scanned on a per release basis. Singles, albums, compilations, DVDs and other formats are all charged at the same rate of 25 GBP per week [EURO] / [USD] (minimum 2 week scan).
  • When you’ve submitted the form, you’ll reach our Paypal payment page, where you can pay by credit/debit card. We require payment in full before we can activate your scan. Contact us if you require alternative payment methods.
  • Your scan will be added to our system as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment. We’ll notify you by email each time we locate your content and file a takedown notice.
  • If no unauthorised content is found during your scan, you’ll receive a free extension (minimum 2 weeks).
  • For all back catalogue scans and scans over 8 weeks, please contact us to arrange a quote.
  • If you have any queries, contact us and one of our agents will reply as soon as possible.